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Mobile Application Promotion
We cover the full range of your mobile app marketing needs, from strategy development to conversion optimization for each banner.

Application Performance Marketing

The concept of our work is performance marketing: the promotion of brand applications without abstract numbers, with accurate results and KPI achievement, as well as a return on investment (ROI) in a short time. This principle is ideal for those who do not want to waste money.
Most often, performance marketing is used with an advertising budget of 200,000 rubles or more. Although even with more modest funding, it can be used to operate basic tools, such as tracking what funding is required for a particular channel, or viewing statistics on the effectiveness of tools.
Why you might be interested in performance marketing
With performance marketing you can:
Measure the results of operated channels for advertising
Evaluate business indicators: CPA and ROI
Influence promotion results in real time
Synchronize the work of all promotion channels (SEO, SMM, email newsletters, media advertising)

ASO (App Store Optimization)

ASO or App Store Optimization is a comprehensive process of optimizing a mobile application page in the App Store and Google Play stores in order to maximize its visibility and conversion of visitors to downloads. It includes full text optimization of the title and the description of the application, as well as graphic materials.
In the context of working with app promotion, ASO is the foundation.
The more detailed and thorough it is, the better the result of advertising campaigns that can be obtained in the future.
ASO solves the main business tasks:
— Increase the visibility of the application;
— Increase in conversion;
— Rating improvement.

What will you get after the ASO?

Keyword Indexing: Your app is easily found in app store searches for various keywords.
High organic install rates and steady growth: All ASO tools have a direct impact on organic traffic.
Less exposure to changes in store conditions: each app store has its own characteristics that affect the stability of ASO indicators.
Visual elements show a good conversion: the user easily identifies your application in a competitive field, capturing basic information faster.
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